Meet Wendy! Graphic Designer, wife, mom, plant lady

I wanted to design something beautiful but also super functional that could really help people.

I didn't expect to design a planner, after all, there were already several already on the market. When the COVID lockdown happened, I became super stressed about how I was going to continue to be a successful business owner while also fostering my kids education as they embarked on virtual school. I wanted to design a tool that would help alleviate the stress and organizational challenges I was now facing and I knew I wasn't alone. Hence, the idea of the Weekly Walk Thru Planner was born. 

I knew if I was going to design a planner, I was going to do it my way. I wanted to have a single spot for all the details I needed to track. I was tired of having multiple, random pieces of paper with different lists and ideas so I decided to design something where all those details were in one, beautiful place.  

The planner I use:  Family Edition in Tropicat!
Favorite section in my planner:  For 2024, it will definitely be the habit tracker! I'm determined to make 42 my healthiest year yet and know this planner will really help me stay on track.
Spot that's always left blank:  I always forget to write in the "one accomplishment" box (oops)
Favorite thing about being a planner designer:  I LOVE seeing people tag me in social media pics or send me messages saying it's the best planner they have ever used! 

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